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In my profession, helping people recognize good posture can go a long way in their overall health. Poor posture is often developed since young, and gives rise to musculoskeletal disorders such as neck pain and backache, or pinched nerves in adulthood. Poor posture can also lead to abnormal spinal growth, or cause irreversible hunchback.

There are many signs that you may have poor posture, such as rounded shoulders, a rounded upper back, or protruding shoulder blades. If your head juts forward, that's another sign. Backache and neck pain can also be a warning sign.

To enhance the treatments to my patients, I would educate them on the importance of maintaining good/healthy posture. That is where the iZESTâ„¢ Posture Vest functions as a useful complimentary tool. This ergonomically designed physiotherapy device is a comfortable yet effective instrument that allows the wearer to achieve and maintain a healthy posture.

Doctors Endorsement

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