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iZest Testimonials

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Mother: Sharon Foo, 37-year-old
Daughter: Brittaney Goh, 6-yr-old, Kindergarten 2

My daughter had a habit of slouching and always put her eyes very close to the book when reading. I was worried that this would affect her eyesight and health. After using iZEST™, her posture has improved a lot. Now she has a good habit of keeping her spine straight when standing and sits upright. I will definitely recommend iZEST™ to my friends.

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Mother: Ho Chwee Lan, Lucy, 47-yr-old
Daughter: Hilary Ho 12-yr-old, ST. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School, P6
Son: Tarcisus Ho, 16-yr-old, ST. Patrick’s Secondary
School, S4

My children always slouched towards the monitor when using the computer and their eyesight worsened. They had to change their spectacles twice a year and often complained of neck pain and back aches. With iZEST™ reinforcing their correct sitting posture, their myopia level stabilized and never complained of neck pain and back aches any more.

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Mother: Dione Hang, 36-yr-old
Daughter: Shalote Chua, 11-year-old, Elias Park Primary School, P5 Diligence

I don’t like my daughter slouching as it makes her look very un-ladylike.
I kept reminding her many times but it didn’t work until her grandma bought her iZEST™. After using iZEST™ for 2 months, she has a better postural habit now, looks confident and beautiful. Seeing the benefits, I feel really happy.

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Kenny Tham , 29-yr-old, Founder of Red Ohem

I had neck pain & back pain for many years due to my poor posture. I tried many times to improve my posture but could not correct the slouching habit myself. I was sceptical when I first saw iZEST™. Can such a soft vest help improve my posture. Anyway I tried it on, but it really keeps me straight. Initially I felt discomfort on my back. But after about two weeks of usage, all initial discomfort disappears. After using iZEST™ for two months, my posture has improved, & overall health is also getting better as I feel easier to breath and can work long hours without fatigue. Most importantly, the previous back pain experience after prolonged standing or sitting has disappeared.

Personally, I feel iZEST™ is an excellent product, especially for children as good postural habit is better to be cultivated since young and they would not have to suffer at the later stage of life.

Runve Testimonials

Catherine Loh, Singapore

I like the RUNVE® Skin Scrubber the most. I use it twice a week. It cleans most of my black heads and oily secretion which blocks my pores breathing. Now I feel my skin smoother and shining.

Celina Tay, Hong Kong

I received the RUNVE® Skin Rejuvenator as a present from my mum. Using it 15 minutes a day, I can really see and feel a difference in my skin. It would be my pleasure to recommend RUNVE® to anyone. Cheers

Jacqueline Chia, New York, USA

The RUNVE® Skin Rejuvenator replaces my monthly facials. I like the Intermittent Ultrasonic function as I can feel the effect the following day. It is really convenient to have RUNVE® within my reach. Daily facials are now possible at much lower cost

Syrian Riley, Paris, France

I am quite satisfied with The RUNVE® Skin Rejuvenator. It is so convenient to use anywhere I go. I use it with all my skin lotions. My skin now appears improved, looks smoother and pores less noticeable. The contour is less sagging also.